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Like message me on the chat or send in asks or submissions… In cases like this I really trust girls more than my own opinion ahah… So please do share your thoughts about the girls from BP with me: Otherwise maybe through submission should work I think? Okayy so… first of all I just wanted to point out two things.. A transgender guy is a guy, so always use he, for a transgender girl, always use she: As for the rest… hm.. If you take a look at her body, her waist line and hips are almost non-existent which is no problem at all in my opinion? I have actually recieved quite some asks regarding Irene!!

I still my opinion though as I think exacly like you said.. Hopefully ahah but yeah.. As for your question… When I first started this blog that was something I always kept in mind.. D Love you too!! But thanks a lot for searching this over!! Absolutely NO idea… I had never heard of this??? But seriously I had never heard of this??

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Or people geniunely think they could be dating bc of that?? Or it might be something else neither of us can find!! Thank you thank you!! But I will be watching their survival over the week so pray for me I might do them very very soon! P and Wanna One. I really like your blog, it's very interesting. I have something for your analysis, but i don't know how to include tw link. Thank you so much: I think Chaeyoung is actually a man, a trannie. Hey,I want to say that I am reading your blogs since quite some time but I was more of a silent reader I hope my English is understable I am typing fast.

I'm admiring they're friendship eversince then I heard about locksmiths, and called myself as one of them. Because of your posts I think it's not only rumors based on my observations, I had a bestfriend but never in my life I treated her like the way Taeyeon does like "intimately" unless you had crushing over her, right? Teany seems realistic but really lately I've been doubting if they are real so I kinda need hard evidence you see I always shipped yoonaxtaeyeon for the fun of it but not serious. I've been sone since the genie era.

Did taeyeon and Tiffany from SNSD ever date?

Khuntiffany seems was like it was simple "likely you bby" but Tiffany realised her love for taeyeon was real. Or that khuntiffany only went out for attention towards the couple so that Jessica leaving issue will be sorted. We will never know but only hope.

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Btw is gg going to have comeback soon want my fav girlies coming back to slay. I'm still a sone strong love for gg even though my bias was kicked out of the group cuz of sm stands for shitty management. I hated when ppl blamed gg when jj Jessica Jung was kicked out only cuz sm didn't want having her own fashion line N sm not getting the money from it. Sunday, October 14, is Taeny real? Hahaha, did my title get your attention?

Were you wondering the same like i do? Well, some people cant accept it, while on the other hand, many were hoping for it to be real. Whether Taeny is really dating one another or not, that wasnt the point. You cant deny, just the way they have each other, it's more than amazing: The fact, that no one can ever deny, unless, they would like to lies to themselves about it. Remember how on Dangerous Boys, i forget that guy's name, he accidentally threw some shredded newspaper that hits Tiffany on the head, Taeyeon was definitely looking at Tiffany, they exchanges glances, Taeyeon just smile sheepishly and threw some newspaper back at that guy.

The fact that your eyes wont deny those fancams uploaded on Youtube, that whenever they looks at one another, Taeyeon or Tiffany could be found, looking away, smiling shyly. It seems like on many fancam or pictures taken, she doesnt mind if her photos came out that she is looking at Tiffany intimately or what, she just doesnt mind. The way she looks at Tiffany can be very intimate or something sweet. The more pictures i am posting here on my blog, the more you all will feel the same with me.

I mean, if they really are, in a relationship. Besides, to be living under the same roof together for so many years. I doubt small feelings wont start because of the reasons above. They have been together for almost most of their teens life together.

Growing up together and turning into adult together. I doubt this two never kiss one another before: Girls can be naughty, girls like to try things out. Kissing a two or more, wont do much harm. Into the world of their own once again. Hmmmm, anyone remember that Tiffany was pulled out from all performance when she injured herself again?

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Well, we shall let the pictures do the talking. Arent the above gifs making things pretty obvious that Taeyeon is kind of bored without Tiffany around her? I mean, yeah, everyone is worried about Tiffany, but they never let it ruin their day or something. She could've hug her other members. Okay, i believe they can do all this because they are the closest with one another. But there will always be a reason why they were this close. After 10 days, we made a big fuss because we missed each other and sent each other text messages and pictures.

Taeyeon was being introduce as the guest for them. Tiffany got embarrassed, her cheeks flustering bright pink! There comes when the moment, you asked yourself. Because the things that Taeny does on camera, was so opened. The fact you can see how much they feels lucky enough to have each other. They are happy whenever they are together side by side. I just love it whenever they smiles to one another when they happens to look at each other.

Their eyes contact can always be intense at first, but slowly, they'll just smile away shyly. Is like, they love peeking at one another, if they were standing side by side. But she would constantly mostly, look at Taeyeon's side. But i know, they love their maknae a lot.

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Tiffany was caught having a necklace with a lock shaped like pendant,. I mean is normal, bestie gets couple stuffs together at times. Any of you heard the rumor last year or so,. Two of the members of Girls Generation, were really dating. This rumor died off of course, after a few weeks. That's cos, our mind automatically projects Taeny.

Tiffany and Taeyeon, both had hard times,. I dont know how many of you think alike with me. But i know many are out there, standing with me on this.