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He proudly shows her the bag. Awwww did he stay up late peeling the rest? Everyone sits down for dinner and Jang Mi is in a slump. Gi Tae tells her to make a scene but she just throws her spoon in anger. Dad tells Jang Mi that she must have worked hard making the pancakes and she says yes. Gi Tae says that Jang Mi must not be feeling too well after smelling oil all day and tells his dad to give Jang Mi some alcohol. He knows her weakness. Jang Mi asks for a 2 nd and 3 rd glass and Gi Tae is delighted.

Now with some alcohol running through her body, Jang Mi finds the courage to point out everything that is wrong with this family. She says that it was hard on her and asks if everybody was being a bit too much. Gi Tae just sits to the side and continues eating while happily waiting for the scene to unfold. Aunt says that she was bathing. She then points out the fact that all the other aunts just sat around and talked amongst each other.

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Lastly, she says that the worst is father-in-law. Jang Mi says that mother-in-law works hard for the family and for him, but what does he do? Jang Mi continues to say that she saw everything and realizing where this is headed, mom stops her and asks to see her for a moment. The aunts asks dad if they are having marital issues but he says that there was never a problem. Gi Tae just glares at dad. He gets up to follow Jang Mi and mom. Okay mom, be in denial. Is she stupid or something? Mom gives Jang Mi a slap just as Gi Tae appears in the background.

Mom tells her to shut up and watch what she says. Whatever Jang Mi knows, she better not let it slip. Jang Mi is shocked to realize that mom also knows. Jang Mi realizes that she has duties as part of the family but no rights. Jang Mi storms off and runs into Gi Tae who has witnessed the whole exchange. She looks a bit disappointed in him. In the living room, Jang Mi listens as the aunts talk about her and how if her parents are uneasy, they pass it down to their kids.

By now Gi Tae is also standing right behind her and looks over at her worriedly. They say that Gi Tae was raised with love under ideal parents ha! They say that you have to have had received love to give it properly. Jang Mi turns to Gi Tae with tears in her eyes and asks if he told them about her parents.

He looks down guiltily and she takes that as a yes. She calls him a bastard and starts attacking him. All the aunts try to stop her. She even grabs a dried fish and starts hitting him with it until he lands on the ceremonial table. She tells him that since they decided to end it, she did just that, so what else does he want from her?

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He calls after her but she storms out. If you oppose, I will live alone forever.

So just know that. Mom tries to say something but Gi Tae just glares at her. Gi Tae starts cleaning up the table and the aunts asks if grandma is just going to stay still after what just happened. She starts to walk away until Yeo Reum appears and calls out her name. She asks if Hoon Dong was seeing someone recently and hears that there was a stalker. Yeo Reum takes Jang Mi to the kitchen and makes her some pasta as she downs some wine straight from the bottle.

She tries his food and clearly enjoys it, which puts a huge smile on his face.

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She asks how he knows and he just asks if she wants to get married that badly. Jang Mi continues to down the wine and says. My goal was to make a scene, but without me knowing, it became sincerity. Gi Tae is in his bed, thinking back to the moment when Jang Mi got slapped by mom and when she met eyes with him.

What are you dreaming about? Gi Tae tries calling Jang Mi but remembers that her phone broke. The restaurant door opens. Gi Tae races mom to get to the restaurant first. Just when I thought that he was finally moving in the right direction with regards to Jang Mi, he had to go ahead and ruin it again!

This push and pull is stressing me out! Also, poor Jang Mi! She told Gi Tae and mom about what she knew out of concern but what she got in return was anger.

I understand that all families have skeletons that they want to hide but I just felt so bad for Jang Mi since her heart was definitely in the right place. She shows that a heroine can be sweet and not have to be stupid.

She stands up for herself and does what she thinks is right. She needs to loosen up, be happy and become her own woman and Jang Mi might just be what she needs to get there. What exactly is the relationship between Se Ah and Yeo Reum. He obviously does things for Se Ah, with regards to other girls, for money. He was trying to protect her from what he knows is an unreliable guy? All the characters have a certain depth to them and they are all endearing and likable in their own way.

The two of them are so adorable together even though they are kind of fighting over the same girl. How do they know each other? Did they themselves have a fling of some kind? I guess my fave is definitely jang mi. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is still so complex. I am eager to know more about those flashbacks she had. Gi tae is so sad.

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I think he needs someone like jang mi who he feels comfortable with and can shAre his years of bottled up feelings. They fight like cats-and-dogs but when it comes down to it, they both care for each other a lot. I actually like all of the characters at this stage. A lot of it probably has to do with how well each of them are portrayed. Props to the cast. Though of course my favorite is Jang Mi, our adorable alcoholic. Thanks for the recap! I really enjoyed this episode and have replayed the JM-GT scenes to look for clues about his feelings.

JM is the nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu best female character in a drama for a very long time. I cheered with she pick up GT on her back, too! He may be a tiny bit jealous of YR, I agree, but mostly I think he is competitive with him — over everything. Remember when he tried to win in the dance off at the auction? As soon as he can escape from her, he calls Jang Mi to help him get her mom out of his practice. But Jang Mi is also busy because his grandmother comes to her workplace.

Jang Mi who knows he loves himself, think the passcode is his birthday. Unaware that her family is worriedly looking for her. Thankfully, grandma is fine. Does she really want to marry him? He declares he hates girl like her! Ki Tae screams out, hoping people will hear his plea. Nobody picks up his phone either. Se Ah comes to the department store where Jang Mi works. Straight away she asks if she could get in touch with Ki Tae.

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Pale Ki Tae knows mom would not come. Neither would Se Ah nor Hoon Dong.