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Any comments or suggestions? With respect to recording the matter becomes even more complex since all digital and some analog video output methods also will carry copy protection which will scramble your recordings. Lastly the Shaw Portal is merely a streaming terminal for the Gateway which is where all the data is stored on a central hard drive. Unlike the motorola box you currently are using which stores the data on the internal drive and directory of the cable box the Gateway Portal merely streams the digital data hence digital output from the central Gateway box rendering external recording non-functional to the best of my knowledge.

S-Video, Composite Video and even Component Video are all analog technologies which content providers are trying to discourage manufacturers incorporating into their digital products. Content providers are rapidly shifting to an all digital world and manufacturers are quickly following behind the content makers.

The CC is decoded on the TV as a function of the TV relative to the programming information provided by the cable box, satellite receiver, off air antenna etc… this is not a function of the cable box per say. The Shaw Portal if connected properly does support CC.

If you experience problems with CC it may be either a function of the CC decoder in your television itself, the program your watching may not support it or the method of connection your using may not allow it. Hope these answers work for you — The Shaw Gateway is a good product with several glitches and bugs yet to be worked out.

Once you get your new Gateway installed drop us a note and share your experiences, our readers would love to hear your feedback. That seems to be where the fun stops!

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The tech thinks there is something wrong with one of the boxes and has ordered a serviceman to trouble-shoot on Nov As well,we could not get either portal to connect to my DVD recorders as,of course we were easily able to do with the fairly new previous Motorola boxes. The tech was not sure if you could,in fact,record the Gateway output???

The bottom line for me is to return portals to Shaw and get my previous Motorola GB boxes back and return the Gateway to the retailer! Maybe in a year this system will be more friendly but I do not want to surrender the copying capability of the Motorolas. Thanks for your feedback Donald, yes the concept of the Gateway is what we all want but the reality is something totally opposite. Why did they do this? Their initial plan was to not offer these services on the Gateway and push the customers who want PVR functionality into buying a Gateway system.

That was never a good idea! If you have a Gateway experience either good or bad — please post comments on this blog so we can share it with our readers. I am thinking about getting shaw Gateway. The Shaw Gateway consists of two pieces of equipment the Gateway box which is similar in size to your current Bell dual tuner DVR satellite receiver and the Shaw Gateway Portal which is smaller similar in size to a Bell non-HD satellite receiver. The main Gateway unit which contains the hard drive and cooling fan both causes of noise is usually installed in the utility room or AV equipment rack where noise is usually not an issue.

The smaller Portal units are installed at the TV location or where the equipment is exposed and seen. The Gateway Hub itself has the same issues as any conventional DVR equipped set top box whether satellite or cable however since the Gateway Hub is usually located out of sight this noise should not be an issue. First off the Bell Dual PVR satellite receiver remote control is UHF radio frequency remote and can be used anywhere in the home since it transmits commands by air waves. The Shaw Gateway — Portal Remote control is strictly Infrared and needs to be line of sight with the cable box in order to operate.

The Bell remote is also a universal remote and will control various other components and functions, the Shaw Portal remote is mainly a cable box remote and only offers power on — off for TV functions and volume, mute and power for audio receivers. Both remotes — Shaw and Bell are back light. I personally was a Bell users for more than 12 years and have been a Shaw cable customer for eight. Overall Bell in my opinion still offers the best user interface, audio quality and programming experience over Telus TV and Shaw cable or Satellite.

Each system Cable, Telephone and Satellite has pros and cons, Satellite is prone to rain fade and poses some installation challenges, Telus TV has a slick user interface and offers PVR anywhere functionality while Cable is the easiest system to install since most homes are already configured for it.

The choice of TV service provider is up to each individual and there is no One Best System for everyone. You should look closely and evaluate the Shaw Gateway system to insure it will meet your needs and expectations and that you will not miss the UFH Remote Control, Caller ID, better recording timer and other features on Bell Satellite that you might be giving up when switching to Cable. Of course switching to a single service provider for telephone, internet and TV can result in substantial savings due to bundling services which makes Shaw and excellent value, although you have to give up a little to save a little.

Can gateway hdmi in and out be used to hook up.

Good luck in your decision and drop us a line if you go for the Gateway and let us know how you like it. The Shaw Gateway Plan requires that the cost of the hardware be billed to a credit card, i. You most do so for 3 years.

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Do you know if the Gateway system is less prone to pixelation problems that the Motorola? We experience pixelation problems every week or two which mess up recordings and usually means we need to reboot the PVR. As far as the Gateway system being more reliable or stable than the Motorola — nothing could be further from the truth.

I had a client just last week switch back to Motorola cable boxes and give back the Gateway after using it for three months see comments on my Youtube page. Further I have two more customers frustrated with their Gateway experience.

Can gateway hdmi in and out be used to hook up. | Shaw Support

Both customers have had problems with hard drives, portal boxes and recordings. Moving from Motorola to Arris Gateway may just increase your level of dissatisfaction and frustration and solve nothing. The Pace Branded boxes are the worse followed by the Gateway then the Motorola with the best service record. Pixelation can be caused by a number of factors not related directly to the equipment such as poor or weak cable signal strength, bad cable connections, bad splitter or amplifier, old wiring in the house, insufficient wiring in the home, old wiring in the neighborhood, bad wiring or equipment at the network node or some where down the line to your house, construction in your area and poor reception at the source by the cable company itself.

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  • Once all the network and cabling issues have been tested, resolved and worked out if the problem still is occurring then the next step not the first step would be to examine and look at the equipment. How old is your PVR?

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    • How much capacity or recording space is used and how much is left on your PVR? Your cable box PVR is like a mini computer which uses software and an operating system stored on the hard drive to operate all the functions of the PVR. If your PVR is old the hard drive may be heavily fragmented from continuously recording which is another problem source and lastly the power supply inside the PVR could be getting old and weak and not providing the proper constant and consistent voltage for the PVR to operate reliably. All these things are factors in the proper operation of your PVR and any one or combination of them can lead to the problems you describe.

      I have had the Shaw Gateway system since July and have been extremely happy with it. Picture quality is great and being able to customize the guide to the channels I actually have is fantastic.

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      Have you tried connecting an extra external hard drive to your Gateway yet, and if so were you able to get it to record to the external hard drive and replay recording from the external hard drive. Once again Thanks for your positive comments and continued best wishes with the Gateway — Enjoy! I have not tried attaching an external hard drive.

      With the PVR settings I can simply set all my series to keep 3, 5 or 10 and all delete as space is needed. I have never found space to be an issue and I have over 35 series being recorded. I mostly have them set to record new episodes only and keep 3.

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      Also I always had to watch my recorded shows on the same TV, no going and finishing the last half of a show in bed. With the Gateway I have no issues like this ever. The picture quality is great, and i can filter my channel listing to show only the channels that I get. If you can please check the comments section of this post and click the link to the Shaw Gateway survey it would be great if you would fill it out and provide some much needed positive feedback. More good news stories are always appreciated and help to balance out some of the more critical ones.

      Thanks for reading and posting your comments. The navigation is slow and glitchy. We need to unplug and reboot the system at least once a day. And the remote is not as well set out as the old one.