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There are always skippers going off shore or extended cruising looking for crew too. Look on the notice boards at sailing clubs or in sailing magazines.


Funny enough, in saying all that having someone to sail with when you are single like me is not always easy. Friends say they would love to come out with you but other things get in the way … and you are often left with excuses, so I know I just give up in the end. Oh and sailing too There are times that can be very lonely sailing on your own, and no denying the magical times too. I remember being on a 3 month solo cruise up the east coast of Australia, I was anchored at a beautiful bay, the weather was perfect and it was just on sun set and yes I had a glass of wine in my hand and some nibbles as I sat in the cockpit.

Suddenly alongside me some dolphins leapt out of the water and put on a magnificent display, a commercial vessel motored up closer with its tourists on board, they all had glasses in the their hands and partners to laugh and share the sight of these amazing sea creatures at play. As the dolphins left and with them the tourist vessel, the sun went down over the land and I felt terribly alone.

Sometimes I absolutely love my solitude! They ask me why you want to do that! This is what I tell them: No more lawn maintenance, you can leave and take your house and belongings with you when your sick of your neighbours, no more knocks on the door at 3am to "crash" at your pad, no traffic jams , stop lights etc; You get to see places you would never otherwise see unless you sailed.

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Then they look at me and ask" So when are you getting that sailboat and when are we leaving"! Most guys I know like the idea.

And yes it is hard to find that certain someone, but they do exist! Most people can't take off because of their job or kids etc; I am going to be retired by the end of the year. So you never know! So there are some comments by single sailors And here I am in one of the most beautiful sailing grounds on the planet, and where was I today, out solo sailing.

I did not feel like asking around! Wanted to go on my terms For the time I wanted, wanted to have some quiet time!

But in spite of all of that it would be the icing on the cake to have a compatible partner to sail with! She threw caution to the wind and decided, on a whim, to go meet him. Six months later, the couple started living together on his boat and have joined a floating community that explores islands while cruising the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific. This dating site was made to introduce sailors to a seaworthy date, friend, or crew member.

Erica Joyce runs Lovesail with the watchwords: Launched in , Lovesail is a friendly vessel for daters to meet one another. Today, she pilots Lovesail largely on her own because she feels passionate about its mission: There are two types of membership on Lovesail: Free members can access profiles, receive matchmaker mailers, and enjoy discounts on merchandise on sailing events — but they cannot communicate with anyone online.

That way, your dating opportunities are endless.

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Lovesail serves as as a meeting place for sailing enthusiasts around the world. Lovesail welcomes a diverse crew of sailing enthusiasts to its streamlined dating network. Typically, the men and women hail from the US, Europe, or Australia, though the site also reaches the shores of many other countries around the globe. Lovesail members can rest assured that every member has a genuine interest in sailing, boating, or yachting.

The team vets the sailing pedigree of new members and monitors activity to ensure everyone stays above board while online dating. Some users have a boat, while others do not. A lot of the content on Lovesail is member profiles, but there are also sections where admins and users can post about sailing events. Whether you want to advertise for a new crew member or attract participants to a local sailing event, Lovesail gives nautical men and women the opportunity to find ways to connect online and in real life.

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  • In addition to keeping the site running day to day, Erica stays on top of the goings on of sailing groups to share with her members on social media. She writes many articles and blog posts relevant to the sailing lifestyle.