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Feargal told us nearly 2 million people in Ireland are currently single. Intro Matchmaking aims to give singles a way out of their dating troubles and into a lasting relationship. Instead of passively sitting at a bar and hoping true love comes to them, single men and women can take advantage of a curated dating network that has proven successful over the years.

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The five-step matchmaking process provides hands-on dating assistance from the intake call to detailed feedback sessions. They do all the legwork to schedule the date and make the necessary reservations, so all singles have to do is show up.

Dating in Ireland -- From the Dance Hall to the Chat Room

Then, on the following Monday, the team calls every person to ask how the arranged date went. They make in excess of calls to make sure their clients are satisfied and successful.

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A year-old wants a partner 20 years younger or a small-town single wants a lover who lives next door. Memberships can be put on hold for three months for no extra charge.

Every week, around 50 couples go on hold to pursue a relationship and many stay together beyond the three months. In recent years, Intro Matchmaking has expanded its services and resources into a new venture: After five years of talking to singles at his matchmaking agency, Feargal saw a need for a private and secure dating site.

Feargal and his wife decided to build a better tool for authentic and love-oriented daters. Individuals on the site can choose to verify their identities using the anti-fraud mechanism. About two weeks after applicants are matched by the service, they are contacted to see whether they have met up and how they are getting on.

Canon Cooney said the service was now insisting that applicants choose one of any three suggested introductions at the start of the matchmaking process. They would sometimes look at four or five before choosing one.

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Read an excerpt of 'My Coney Island Baby' below. Bernard O'Shea on hitting the road with old pal Karl Spain. Your guide to luxury - but affordable - spa experiences. Follow the Irish Examiner. Naturally people would assume that they will be coupled with a match of comparable standing, however this is a lot trickier that you might think…. To begin with, men leave school earlier and women are more qualified. dating reviews - Iceman Trading Academy

The census shows that 28 per cent of women were third level graduates, compared with only 23 per cent of men. The fact that women stay longer in education and do better feeds through to occupations with nearly a quarter of women Nearly a quarter of men So for every 1 professional man there are 1.

You can see where this is going…. This leads to multiple sobering conversations daily with disappointed men who were looking forward to introductions with women young enough to be their daughter. There is also the thorny fact that divorced men often seem to pair off and marry single women quite quickly. In the census there were 88, separated or divorced men, but there were , women. So there are c. We are asked often by new clients if we have a good success rate and yes, thankfully, we do.

But we are quite honest in sharing what kind of client the service works for and why. We find that people that come to us with a positive attitude get results. This may seem like a woolly vagary but — at the risk of sounding patronising — we do find that those that can be pleased, will be. Excepting those small things, they keep an open mind and accept that nobody is perfect.

Dating agency plays Cupid for 1,500 couples who hit it off

They want to see the positives in their potential matches and make the effort on their dates to find a common ground, rather than digging around for reasons as to why this person is certainly not good enough for them. Those that stand on pedestals that reach dizzying heights because of their achievements in life create an aura of superiority that the most well-rounded PhDs would find nauseating.

These people will not be pleased. In order for girl to meet boy and for both to be content, the value systems we hold dear need to be changed. Rather than relying on a partner to complement our acquired status in society, we should embrace what is different about them.

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While education and professions can be important, they do not the sum total of a human being make — nor does the lack of a Masters make someone incapable of intelligent conversation. The key to success is in compromise and realistic expectations.

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Rena Maycock is the founder of Intro matchmaking, a nationwide matchmaking service based at 39 Dawson Street, Dublin 2. They have five staff members and have arranged more than 3, matches to date. Phone 01 or log on to www. This scheme in addition to defending the freedom of the press, offers readers a quick, fair and free method of dealing with complaints that they may have in relation to articles that appear on our pages.