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Aquarius-Aries Compatibility The relationship of Aries and Aquarius is very exciting, adventurous and interesting. They will enjoy each other's company as both of them love fun and freedom. Although they share the same personality traits Aquarians need more space than Arians which may create a tiff between them. An Aquarian will always support the spontaneity of an Arian and in turn the Arian will also admire the creativity and innovative ideas of an Aquarian.

Get a deeper insight on your Aries partner. Avail our Love Ask A Question service to get an answer to your pertinent question about your Aries parter and further enhance your equation with him or her. Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Aries woman gets easily agitated and takes time to cool down her temper. Otherwise she is very fun loving and energetic. An Aquarius man with his enormous sense of adventure and unconventional ways can easily mesmerise an Aries woman. With a number of qualities, an Aquarius man will find a dynamic life ahead.

Aquarius man is not always punctual and obedient. He loves his freedom and believes in giving freedom to his woman.

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Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Aries Man Aries man is very romantic by nature and will keep the Aquarius woman interested. An Aries man and an Aquarius woman will greatly enjoy the physical relationship with each other.


Both of them also like to socialize with friends and relatives. But sometimes Aries man requires privacy and does not like interference.

Aquarius woman also need to cope-up with the anger of Aries man and handle his temperament patiently. Aquarius woman is attracted to the originality and spontaneity of Aries man. These two can help each other by letting them know they are comfortable with each other. Playing mental games can help them relax, focus on trying new things and opening up how you can be vulnerable. More vulnerability will glue these two together.

You do well to make witty banter. Aries will need to be careful not to get too heavy handed with Aquarius. There will be times that Aquarius has to cycle through their personalities, and they may have to move around their energy to focus on something more internal -- meaning their creative output into the world slows down. This can be hard on an Aries who puts pressure on the Aquarius to be more outside their head in order to help the planet overall. But the Aquarius has a lot to look through internally from their own experiences from the relationships that matter to them and unresolved energy from their childhood.

The more understanding and warm Aries can be to Aquarius, the better. Sometimes Aquarian energy slows. Sometimes Aries energy speeds up. Be sensitive to how each other's energy is needing to examine time and space. The worst thing you can do to an Aquarius is go cold.

They really don't understand being suddenly shut out or mixed signals. Aquarius will start to worry that they are too weird for you. They will also think something is wrong if you're freezing them out. This ironically is a big reason why Aquarius can have commitment issues. They are afraid if they get close to you, they'll suddenly be shut out, which would be far worse than never being in love in the first place.

Let them know it's not them when something is wrong, and you'll give them relief. Aries is a passionate zodiac which speaks loudly to an Aquarius, which can be a tough catch, but can also ignore their sexual side in many circumstances. Scorpios cause a certain sexual awakening in Aquarius that makes them realize how much they long for a connection.

Aries can have this power on the Aquarius as well, and needs to put forward that they are attracted to the Aquarius. Seeing someone be interested in them will help them open up and express their sexuality. Aquarius personalities often prefer someone to chase them -- this zodiac is intuitive and can sometimes have premonition like moments out of their control, since them leading can be confusing for others. They have moments where they zone out to understand the world better than they did previously.

An Aquarius can be a chaser, if it wills itself to do so, but you'll need to put in a lot so they don't collapse. The benefits of this relationship is the power of manifestation.

Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility -

The Aries brings out the Aquarius, and the Aquarius helps bring peace to Aries. Aries trains Aquarius to be a better peaceful warrior in the world of war; while Aquarius reminds Aries that the world isn't just a war to take charge, but there is also the garden, the magical, and the fantastical.

These two will have a relationship that manages itself well, and can be open to a lot of creativity. Aries will enjoy what strange things Aquarius can bring to the table, and Aquarius will enjoy Aries ability to stay committed. Aquarius doesn't just want emotional vulnerability or passion under the sheets, they want someone who is loyal who will last, will accept them for their eccentricities, and will want more of it. This is why an Aries fits the bill with Aquarius with ease.

ZODIAC SIGNS SEXUAL DESIRES - Aquarius - Pisces - Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer

Aries doesn't scare Aquarian psyche, they'll be a better person in the end, and procrastination will turn into productivity. They really are a boss like relationship, very Team A. This is a relationship where the two could easily manage a business or home together. It's one where age isn't going to matter as much -- the Aquarius may end up being younger at least in spirit as the Aries acts as a mentor.

Aquarius men will be fiercely protective in its Aries partner's capacity to make things happen. The ram is all about manifestation -- and it craves accomplishing manifestation. This is why it's the first zodiac. Aquarius is all about finding the truth, making sure the world is genuine, for the ultimate goal of peace. Aries aligning with Aquarius helps manifest peace, creative accomplishment, and strength. The zodiac is all about lessons on love -- Aries and Aquarius help manifest that with their internal goals.

The two together will feel more alive and more capable of accomplishing their desires.

What Makes Them Tick?

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Kavish, I am an Aquarian Woman. I act like that when I am trying to keep someone at a safe distance and also want to find some sense of control in a situation where I feel incredibly unsure of myself. She's probably just as confused with herself as you are, I know when my Aries bf first started being straight with me like it sounds like you were with her I wanted to run for the hills. I immediately didn't trust any of it but I just gave it a few months and got to be friends with him.

Maybe be straight with her, ya know, tell her no pressure and you understand shes got alot going on in her life. Let her know that you're there for her as a friend, if she likes you then she will come to you. Do you know if she is seeing someone else? Does she want to settle down right now in her life?

Maybe what she really needs right now is a friendship.

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Aquarius like to grow romance from friendship. Im an Aries who really likes an Aquarius man and we were great friends until i told him i liked him things kinda changed, i wish i can go back. I am Aries man and I like an Aquarius girl whom I met 3 months. I told her about my feelings and she told me that for her I am just like a close friend.


But we are more like a couple and we also get physical sometimes. But then, I think she is ignores me sometimes and doesn't reply me for several hours after she has seen my message and sometimes she even declines to meet me. On the other hand, sometimes she is very romantic and wants keeps texting me or wants to see me and come to my place for dinner. I am confused by her erratic behavior.

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Am I just a friend for her? Will I just be a friend to her I mean is it worth sticking with her , is this going to work out?