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Battles can take place in ten different battle tiers. Even though I walk through the valley of wot matchmaking 8.

As evident by the stats above the Panther mit 8. The table below shows normal person dating a down syndrome potential tank types you could be matched with for a given tank type and tier. In the end the Panther mit 8. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This forces you into a support role of firing at enemies while remaining hidden which can often be difficult to do. While it does have its flaws it does hold up well overall despite these flaws due to its good firepower. It also has 20 degrees of gun elevation compared to the 13 degrees of gun elevation on the Panther mit 8.

As you can see the premium Panther mit 8. I hope to answer this by breaking down the Panther mit 8. The top speed of the Panther mit 8.

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Unlike most premium tanks however the premium Panther actually has the better gun in this case over its standard counterpart in several areas, which for a premium tank is very unusual. Each row shows which battle tiers a given vehicle could be placed in. First we have the armor changes then the mechanics changes. FCM 50T further changes in italics. Which is amazing since my FCM has been collecting dust for 2 years now. WG truly knows their own game. Jerry, the FCM50t in super test right now has more horsepower, slightly better rate of fire, PLUS 10 degrees of gun depression up from 8.

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Some are saying the FCM does not need more speed, and I agree. The current version is fast in a straight line, but lacks agility to maneuver. The problem of pref-MM: Also pen or pen is good for spanking tier 6 or tier 7 tanks …. For anything else you have to use gold ammo, therefore you will lose money with a premium tank.

ТТХ Panther 8.8

Ure supposed to go head to head and not snipe. With present mm this premium tanks get in tier 6 matches only in 1 of 10 games. FCM needs an buff for the hidden aiming stats or an aim time buff everything else speed,dpm buff is not as important as the aiming buff and if you drive even faster your aim is going to suffer even more. How about those incompetent idiots finally render both cupolas on the damage model of the Super Pershing?

But SP is the best pref MM tank by far. It might as well not have preff MM, especially with those buffs. Nope, now we run away. Also the m6A2E1 has a mm cannon on it and that gets AP pen I mean come on who come up with these stats for the tanks? I always figured that a bigger mm barrel would hold bigger mm ammo that does higher mm of penetration huh I must be getting this all wrong now.

So smaller mm barrel should have more penetration then a larger caliber barrel? I need to go back to school and take mathematics all over…lol cause lets see a 8. So that JagDtiger gets AP penetration but again the mm on the is6 gets somethings wrong here???? These pref matchmaking tanks are gonna be fighting tier 8 tanks that fight tier 10 tanks I understand that but can WG make it so these heavies get a bit more love then what they are showing.

That trip back to school might not be a bad idea, really.

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  • Now take a look because I am talking about the game. Ya you have no clue then as your talking about real life not a video game so maybe its time for you to head back.

    World of Tanks Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71

    What you need is to take physics. Double its speed and youve got 4 times the energy. Btw penetration relies hardly on the type of shell.

    It's time to do something with Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71

    Of course, shell design is another consideration in penetration values too. More like s. Tiger gun is much closer to reality. This is not to say that it cannot be effective at close ranges, for it still has a high rate-of-fire and a large HP pool, but using it effectively at close ranges requires a great deal of skill and management of the HP pool, as the armor is effectively irrelevant. It is not recommended that inexperienced players purchase the Panther 88, as it requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience with the game to use effectively.

    It must be noted that the Panther 88 does not enjoy non-preferential matchmaking and can therefore face Tier X tanks, against which the gun will struggle to do consistent damage from the front. The first drawing of the DB turret actually comes from And all the while the whole thing weighted only a ton more than the current Panther turret.

    However, the work on the project never got beyond wooden mockup, which was found in the DB plant after the war. View Source View history.

    These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Pros and Cons Pros: Early Research Premium vehicle Suggested Equipment.