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The leader of the organization then directs one of the members to torch the warehouse, not knowing that there are two women hiding in the building. Jax is in a nearby store and spots the flames. The police investigate the blaze and say that the propane tanks inside the building exploded, but Sheriff Vic Trammel suspects arson. In the pilot episode, Jax goes to storage to get some baby items like a car seat and toys for his son, Abel. While there Jax comes across a box with his fathers' name on it. Curious he opens the box and begins going through its contents. HIs father, John Teller, founded the Sons of Anarchy after returning from Vietnam and had a specific vision for the club.

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Jax finds old photographs and something that John left for his two sons, Jax and Thomas. Sadly Thomas passed away in In episode 3, the Sons of Anarchy crew visits the local carnival. Jax, Bobby, and Tig take the chance to channel their inner child and ride on one of the roller coasters. Jax gives Oswald's year-old daughter some tickets for a ride.

Their guns are under threat of being found since they have been storing them in the clubhouse since the fire. Jax suggests that they stash the guns with a brother club in Indian Hills, Nevada. Nevada is heavy Mayan territory, and Clay says that they will have no other option except to patch over the Indian Hills club. In episode 4, Gemma runs a background check on Tara Knowles, Jax's old girlfriend. Tara returned to California at the beginning of the series and is a doctor at the hospital.

Gemma discovers that Tara left Chicago in a hurry and that she had taken a restraining order out on a man. Gemma fears that Tara might be in trouble. She heads over to Tara's house and has a talk with her about Chicago and about Jax. Gemma warns Tara to stay clear of Jax but also left her something for protection.

In episode 5, Clay gets angry with Juice for bringing Cherry to town.

What does the sales clerk slip into Jax's bag in the pilot episode?

He had slept with her while they were on the road and he doesn't want Cherry near Gemma. After seeing Clay's reaction to Cherry, Gemma realizes that he must have slept with her. Gemma confronts Clay about it saying "what happens on a run stays on a run. It does not show and slap me in the face. After the clubs warehouse is burned down Clay meets with the leader of the One-Niners and tells him what happened to the guns and warehouse.

He tells Clay that he needed the guns to protect a shipment of drugs. The One-Niners sometimes referred to as the 9'ers, is a street gang based in Oakland. Tara left Chicago to run from her ex-boyfriend that she got a restraining order against. In episode 7 while Jax is giving Tara a ride home they realize that they are being followed.

Tara tells Jax about her ex and that he won't leave her alone. Jax confronts him and stabs the radiator of his car. Jax tells him that next time it will be him getting stabbed. In episode 8 Half-Sack sees an opportunity to pay money he owes to the club. If he is able to pull it off, he hopes that it will also help him earn his patch.

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He sees something left unattended and steals it. Half-Sack takes it back to the clubhouse and proposes the club sell it. The Son's, however, dismiss the stunt as pointless and an unnecessary risk. Later on that night it proves to come in handy for the club. In episode 5, Gemma hosts an annual town fundraiser.

The event is held at the local school and is to raise money for kids and the community. Kyle was excommunicated in after he left Opie to be caught by police at an arson job.

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She asks Gemma if Kyle can come back to town to watch his son play with his band at the event. Episode 9 begins the morning after Tara killed John Khon. Jax drives his body out to the woods, where he digs a grave to put Khon in. At the end the episode during a montage, we see Jax light Khon's body on fire. Watching the blaze, Jax throws something into the flames. Suddenly he changes his mind and grabs it out of the fire.

Most of it is burned up.

Scoots of Anarchy - Sons of Anarchy parody

Jax stares at the ruined item, realizing what he just did. Along with this Alvarez must give permission to the Son's to kill his son. Esai Alvarez, as revenge for the, attempted hit on Clay's life. The club elects Happy to carry out the hit on Esai. At the end of the episode, we see Happy getting another tattoo that he gets to show each life he has taken.

She visits Otto in prison and tries to get him to turn on the club. As a show of defiance to her and solidarity to the club, Otto smashes her face into the table, driving her hatred for SAMCRO even further. In episode 11, Opie is absent from a club meeting and Juice is unable to contact him by phone. Jax goes to Opie's neighborhood and asks a neighbor if she has seen Opie. She tells him that Opie and his family were picked up in a sedan during the night.

Having left the house without handcuffs and hid debts being paid off, the concern that Opie has turned. In season 1 we met Wendy, the mother of Jax's son and his wife. Jax left her due to her drug addiction. Unfortunately, Wendy kept using while pregnant and she went into premature labor. Abel had to be delivered via emergency c-section and had to fight to live due to the effects of the drugs she took. In episode 11 she returns home and her locks have been changed on her apartment.

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She is able to get in through the back door. In the pilot episode, the very pregnant Wendy is found unconscious and bleeding on the floor of her apartment. She is taken to the hospital where doctors have to perform an emergency c-section to deliver the baby. Tara tells Jax that they found track marks on Wendy's hands and feet, which led to the baby being born 10 weeks early. In episode 1, Tara tells Jax about Wendy's drug use and his newborn son's chances of survival. After hearing this, Jax leaves the hospital in a hurry instead of visiting Abel. Chibs and Bobby go with Jax to a sleazy bar called the "Hairy Dog".

He knows that he will find Wendy's dealer there. Jax is filled with rage and looking to take it out on the man that gave a pregnant woman drugs.

Jax beats Wendy's dealer repeatedly using his resources in the bar. In the heart-wrenching episode 11 of the first season, Opie's wife is gunned down. He then says that they need to stage a drive-by shooting that night and blame it on the One-Niners. Everyone is at Jax's house for Abel's welcome home party.

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  6. When leaving Donna and Opie switch vehicles at the last minute, causing Donna to be the one that gets shot instead of Opie. In response to the clubs warehouse being burned down and their guns stolen, Clay, Jax, Tig and Chibs head to San Leandro. There they break into a warehouse that the Mayan's use to stash their guns and heroin.

    Before they can set it on fire a couple guards show up wearing Mayans vests.

    Who is your sons of anarchy husband?

    Jax hesitates to kill one of the guards and is shot by another one from behind. Jax turns and shoots him and Clay shoots the other one. They recognize one of the dead guards as a member of another group and realize that the Mayans aren't working alone. In the pilot episode Gemma goes to visit Wendy in the hospital after Abel is born. Gemma lets Wendy know that the District Attorney is dropping charges against her. Wendy tells Gemma that she will get clean now that she has her baby.

    Gemma threatens Wendy, telling her that if she tries to get custody of Abel, she will kill her. Gemma then gives something.