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Six months ago, we didn't have a company, but today we are looking at a very promising future with JobNow, and it all started thanks to CoFoundersLab. By helping us find the right team member, CoFoundersLab really did help us take our company idea and turn it into a solid business that has the potential to change the world! I've been looking for such a website the whole time!

I needed a business partner to help productize the solution and launch a company. CoFoundersLab enabled me to meet prospective business partners outside of my existing networks, including my co-founder Yonis Benitez. Find Your Perfect Partner. In addition to its events — in the Bay Area, New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles and Austin — Founder Dating has a site where members can search for other entrepreneurs by location, skills and interests.

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To join, you have to answer a bunch of questions about yourself and give references. Only 55 out of applicants were accepted for a San Francisco mixer earlier this year. Craigslist Casual Encounters, this is not. She describes a typical Founder Dater this way: Butterfield and Fake photo via Flickr. Art Booppanon walked up to Nick Warnock, who had been a contestant on The Apprentice , after a speaking engagement. Maybe even better than founder dating--why not team up with strangers and try to build a product or a company in a weekend? At least if you fail, you'll fail fast. Maybe you won't leave with a prize, but a partner.

Co-founders Brian Estes and Nate McVicker, who came up with an app for police and school emergencies called Hero , told me they met in a Texas Hold'em tournament.

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You didn't meet your ideal co-founder during college? Try taking another course in a relevant field, this time with your eyes open for someone great to work with.

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Who has your back like your siblings do? If that's a complicated answer, just move on to No.

If your brother or sister trusts someone who has the skills you need, maybe that suggests you'll be able to trust them as well. However, she advised, "Date before you marry.

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Do a couple of projects together before you make a full commitment. David Morken, CEO of Bandwidth, started his company in by himself, although he was "literally praying at his desk to find someone that he could work with. If you're telling family and friends that you're looking for a co-founder, you might find that they're close with someone you never even thought of.

Your dad's buddy from crochet class, maybe? Your mom's friend from the rifle range?

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I'm trying to use unusual examples here; the point is to think broadly and creatively. Who do they know that you should want to know?

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Hey, people can having Internet dating relationships. So why can't they find co-founders this way? When Lucash moved on to take a job at Jansport, he recruited Szymczak to work with him. If you can envision founding something with a former employee or boss, why not a former freelancer? Scott Barlow, a UK-based salesman, told me he launched a small marketing business with a co-founder named Michal in Serbia, whom he'd first hired as an animator on the freelance site, oDesk.

Find the Perfect Co-Founder for Your Startup

I'm partial to this one, having had a great experience in a co-working space, and I can definitely see how this would work. This one is unusual, but why not? In truth, it wasn't a successful search, but it did get her a lot of free press. Agnieszka Wilk was also looking for a technical co-founder to help launch her interior design website, Decorilla , and wound up going with the classmate of a friend who had graduated from MIT.