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Online Dating: How To Promote Your Online Dating Website

Your business will run in top gear. Dating theme based one way and reciprocal links building social bookmarking site like digg. Definitely use Myspace and Facebook. You'd want to give out free tips, maybe in the form of free newsletter, to your site visitors.

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  • Promote Dating Site by Taking Tips from Google Analytics.

I personally like to read stories like this and this makes me visit dating sites. Have a link to your site on community sites like MySpace and FaceBook and I am sure you get more traffic for your dating site.

7 Ways to Promote Your Dating Site on a Tight Budget

The best way to promote a dating website? Social Networking Site like Myspace is a good place to promote your site. Yeah promotion is best way like any other social networking sites, unique feature is prefer. Dating site can rank easily if you can make some good back links. I think Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go, but to start it might not be sufficient.

How to promote a dating site with the help of Google Analytics data

You can perform various tests to improve the conversion on your dating sites, but at first, we suggest you start with providing different promotional offers. If the user retention is low then the users are not finding your site helpful. Suppose lots of users who visits your site is female and you have a low number of male then they will not visit next time.

In order to overcome this, you need to attract more male users by proper advertisement. If you have more users from the particular area then why not try to make it your user more diverse targeting to a different location, so that the user who is searching for partner becomes more excited seeing user from a different culture, religion, and location.

These basic ideas help you to uplift your performance of your site by focusing on the shortcoming of your website. Planning and decision relying only on your intuition might work sometime, but if you have a clear insight then it will be easier for you to advertise.

You can promote your dating site through numerous ways, but when you have a concrete fact then what to focus, whom to focus and how to focus becomes effective. If you think your site is not so popular, you can ask several questions to yourself, Is my site dull? Why is your dating site bouncing rate high despite having a good presence of male and female traffic? Whether it is due to not focusing on same sex on your dating site, where most of them visit for the same sex partner.

You can more emphasize on that topic and try to engage them so they feel like they are being included and get involved with your dating site.

1. Be Smart and Creative.

I am struggeling to get our site known by the public. We just started and i know i have to be patient and work hard. I am surfing the web for tips and thanks to people like you i can move foreward. I think it all starts with a decent seo and after that sit down behind your desktop and promote an any way you can. Ofcourse google adwords is the best way but not the cheapest. But as you mentioned you gotta spend some first before you win.

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Thank you again and for anyone who wants to check what we are doing www. Always room for improvement. I believe in advertising. It is the best way to get across to the consumer. A niche group such as the gay, lesbian, bi and trans gender community has now more than ever the opportunity to find friends and potential partners all over the world.

Thank you for sharing.

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That has been some great insight. Con ersion rate is slow of course u less your willing to increase your budget If you like to see how we've progressed in as little as 6 weeks just visit Www. Thanks,am one of the admin of www.

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You can check ours and feel the design. I would love to add than using non-conventionnal marketing can worth the bucket.

Having a niche webiste date-foreigner. Getting promoted by semi-popular people or some youtube channel, doing prize competition It usually ask us more works, but are cheaper and the conversion rate is great. Thank you for the tips! I would add choosing non-conventionnal promotion method can worth the bucket and be cheaper, but cost you more time.