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Sun Jul 21, 7: Sure you can wait it out and she may contact you, but the emotional attachment that men use freeze outs for doesn't occur with a girl that isn't all that interested in you in the first place. This is a simple one really; you just didn't come off sexual enough while you were out on the dates. No where in your post did you indicate that you made any move to show her that you were interested. All you did was talk about how she was giving you " come on to me" signs but you didn't come onto her.

How many times do you go for the kiss on the 1st date?

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What was her reaction? How many times did you touch her physically after the initial "hi" and "bye"? Girls want to be fucked.. I don't care how nice and sweet they may seem. For someone they are a wild sexual nympho and from my experience the most passive girls are the wildest. Call her, chop it up, and invite her out again..

Mon Jul 22, 6: I'm from far east, so maybe girls here are a little bit different than girls in your town. I didn't escalate too much physically, just a bit of playful nudge though, cos I'm worried to scare her away if I do it too early.

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I sent her a message yesterday but she didn't reply, so today, instead of calling, i sent one more text cos she might not be able to pickup the phone during work hours, it went something like this: Mon Jul 22, 7: I don't agree about freeze outs. Freeze outs work with every girl who thought to be your priority and realizes you may move on easily if she doesn't live up to yourexpectations. In my limited experience, freeze outs worked perfectly even with girls I didn't even k-close.

Try to let some days pass by and then throw her a funny text is my advice. Be careful, you have to make it seem that your delay is as non-strategic as possible! Mon Jul 22, I agree with the other posters, you're being too aggressive with trying to start conversations, get her to come out with you, etc, and not aggressive enough in physically escalating things once you are spending time with this girl.

Try making yourself a little less available. Don't text her for a couple days, and see if she texts you or calls you.

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If you're away and the only way you can keep her interested is through text, then do just that, keep her interested. Right now she probably sees you as a friend because you're only initiating polite small talk and aren't asserting yourself sexually. Mon Jul 22, 4: I don't know if there is anything else I can do to take more control of this situation, I think I will pay attention to other things, and ignore her unless she wants to talk first, and thanks for your inputs guys.

She is painfully introverted and passive.

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  • I was the one who had to make every single moves, and while it didn't bother me in the beginning, I started to think that she's not putting in enough efforts. Due to our busy lives, in many cases it was really hard to hang with her in person, so we preferred IMs. The thing is, she is almost always appearing offline even when she's online, because, according to her, she doesn't want most people to bother her.

    She said I should try to talk to her nonetheless because if she's online, she may answer. So with me having to start the conversation and her hiding offline, I had to - with no exaggeration - "guess" when she would be online. And I ended up pressuring her and looking somewhat desperate on many occasions because obviously the chance of guessing correctly was far less than guessing wrong, and I couldn't attempt to talk to her too often.

    On top of that, she's a bit insecure. She knows that I've had quite a bit of experience before her, and she was worried that she'd end up being "one of those girls in the past". She was also concerned about the fact that all of my ex girlfriends happened to be short brunettes, while she's a tall blonde, therefore she thought that she doesn't quite fit into my preference.

    All of that combined, she was being even more passive, insecure, doubtful, and feeling "meh", while I was being frustrated and stressed. So after a couple months of having mutual feelings, I suggested that we just stay friends, which she agreed. We haven't had sex. Just kissing and light making out and whatnot.

    But now, I would like to have one more shot with her before I finally give up. Our chemistry was fantastic, better than most girls I've been with, and with more open communication, I feel that we can work this one out.

    The problem though, is "where do I start from"? The passionate feelings we once had are completely gone, and we are securely in each others friend zone.

    I've been casually seeing a couple girls since her, and while she doesn't seem to be dating anybody for now, she's a cute and charming girl, I know someone will eventually take her sooner or later, probably within a few months. So I should start making my moves, whatever that may be. I've tried to limit my conversation with her for a month or so to "reset emotion", but seeing how passive she is, it didn't work out very well. Being sweet and charming is capable of making her "Aww", but not good enough to build any attraction. Attempting to build sexual tension wouldn't work very well because of the fact that she's a virgin.

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    I'm in a deep hole here. I know I always have an option to move on, but as I've said, I want to try my luck for the last time before I leave her alone without regrets. I can really use some help on how to restart the spark. And no, I genuinely like her and want her as a girlfriend, not sex buddies Thanks in advance, I appreciate it! Join Date Feb Gender: Location Newport News, Va. CNU Age 28 Posts This forum is for game. What's your question about that?

    What exactly you going for? Where were you at before? Id like to give you advice bc iv dated introverts. But unless you give me a specific area to help on and not in general it wont be much use. Also as you noted sometimes just move on. Seems abit of oneitis. Sorry phone lag caused double post. Join Date Nov Gender: As Demondim said, you're question isn't really specific, but i'm going to respond anyway. I've had experience with some introvert girls and one of them totally stood out.

    She was this totally perfect model looking girl which you would totally fall in love with from the first second. Only a few weeks later i discovered that she was this very very shy, preserved, quiet, I totally didn't knew what to do, i was shocked, such a beautiful girl who was scared of boys??? At one time she even told me that she was really anxious to have sex for the first time. I thought it was because she was scared of the pain or something, little i knew back then.

    I tried to take her out, let her meet my friends, To let her be more social. It just didn't work to make a long story short. Fast forward a few months later. I've kissed her a few times, but it never felt right. So after these few months, she started falling in love a bit and i tried to give it one more shot. I could grab her like a man grabs his girl, kiss her again and just.. Now what happend in these months. We became friends sort of. I don't know what it exactly means, or which psychological explanation i should give to explain it, but if i may guess