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Media Arts and Animation graduate BS.

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Web design and interactive media student AS. Certified and professional makeup artist. I enjoy school a lot, I also enjoy working in my fields of Nikhitha is looking for a partner who can treat her well. I'm a simple woman who is funny, attractive, sweet, independent, sexy, wants to be happy more.

Just browsering I think a bio is cheesy and difficult in being efficient. Beauty without depth is just decoration!

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I'm a God fearing women and Im true to who I am. With EliteSingles you can be introduced to singles close to home. For more information, take a look at our regional dating pages: Plus many more cities to be found on our UK dating page. In more recent years online dating has become the logical choice for those looking to meet like-minded singles with whom they have a common background and shared interests.

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If you're feeling nervous about joining an online dating site, you shouldn't! Not only do we focus your search and make it easier but research also suggests that online daters are more successful long term. In a major study by Harvard and Chicago universities found that marriages beginning via online dating were both more satisfying and less likely to end in divorce.

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With the majority of our members being professionals aged between you can be confident that you really stand an excellent chance of finding a compatible, eligible single to form a rewarding, long-lasting bond with. Then read one of our success stories! So I'm a single white guy living in a city with very few non-white girls and I am much more attracted to girls of a different race to me who can share their culture and so on! I'm in my early 20s and in uni, I have no problem with girls and I'm a pretty well rounded and good looking guy I think But I'm just not meeting anyone lately and it's driving me nuts!

I am your settle down, meet a nice loving girl, have a close romantic relationship kinda guy and I'm tired of being single. I am interested in meeting a British Asian girl but I honestly don't know what the best way to go about it is, like I say there aren't many where I study, I have recently been trying a few dating sites but for some reason there is every kind of girl but asians on there So yeah, I am all out of ideas And in case you are just such a girl, if you fancy a chat just lemme know.

Leeli Follow 2 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Leeli. Follow 3 It depends in what kind of Asian girl you mean.

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Oriental girls i know nothing about so I can't tell you anything there. But pakistani or indian girls I might be able to give you some insight so give some more clarity on the type of Asian and I'll try and share my opinion and knowledge on the area. Follow 4 Maybe OP you should move to london Considering how desperate you sound, london might be a good place for you!

Original post by Leeli It depends in what kind of Asian girl you mean. Follow 6 Original post by Anonymous I am interested in meeting a British Asian girl but I honestly don't know what the best way to go about it is Follow 7 Original post by DJkG. So it does happen.

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Original post by Leeli To be honest with you most Pakistani girls being Pakistani wouldn't date a White guy, if the girls that you like don't make effort to talk to you and make eye contact with as bad as it sounds most probably wouldnt give you the time of day because this is just the mentality they are brought up with. I agree with the above poster bigger cities like London have more mixed couple relationships.

Dont despair though it does happen if you are understanding about culture etc. I myself come from a mix race family my nan being White and my grandad Pakistani. I also am more attracted to White guys and a few of my Friends are the same. I feel sometimes white guys talk to me and Ive been told by my White females that they are interested but they never say anything beyond hi and the norm convos and never really seem to make a connection.

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Personally I think for me to date a White guy he would definitely have to share the same interest and be aware of my culture and traditions this would impress me, also Asian girls tend to want a longer term relationship so if your looking for a fling i doubt it would happen. I think going out looking for this type of girl will be hard we are few and far between and also we don't really have it labelled to our forehead that we are available to all rather to our own kind so it might be hard to pick out who is who really. I'm rambling because there is no real way to find our type, perhaps if you made friends with a few Asians you will break into the friendship group and then work your charm.

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